MRR#37 Bullpups with TV Presspass

Join us this week as we talk with Edward Osborne of TV Presspass! We get to talk BULLPUPS!

Be sure to check out these links of what we discuss in the episode:

TV Presspass Youtube Channel

TV Presspass Facebook Page

IWI Tavor

TAVOR Aftermarket Triggers: GeisseleTimneyShooting Sight

Steyr Aug (Make sure to check out the other varieties of AUG offered from Styer)

Kel Tec’s: RFB KSG

Desert Tech (OMG geek out on this stuff)


K&M Arms (M17 and Leader50A1 Bullpups)

Youtube Video of the Alberta Tactical Modern Hunter (Ken couldn’t seem to connect to their website)

Gear Head Works Tavor Parts

Herron Arms in Canada for conversions

High Tower Armory (P90 10/22 stocks)