MRR#41 MOA & Sight Adjustment with Ryan Steacy

This week Ken & Bryan bring on Ryan Steacy to talk about a couple of rifleman’s basics: MOA/MILS and sight/scope adjustment. This is part one of what will be an ongoing series on Rifleman Skills and Knowledge.

Make sure to check out the Modern Rifleman Radio Rifleman’s Challenge as we updated it with a ballistics chart for 40 grain CCI Minimags that is applicable to the challenge.

Some of the other things we discuss can be found at the following links:

Strelock Ballistics Computer

Kestral Wind Meters


MRR#39 Useful Mods or Lipstick on a Pig?

This week Ken and Bryan are joined by Kyle, a listener from Canada and friend of the show. They discuss Kyle’s modifications to his older style rifles. Ken also announces one of the show’s listener’s new gunsmithing business

Some of the things we discus can be found in the following links:

Crusader Muzzlebrake

Sadlak M14/M1A parts

Smith Enterprises

Vortex Riflescopes

Tapco SKS products

CMMG Mutant

Rock River Arms LAR-47

Hornady 303 British Ammo

Hornady 7.62x54R