MRR#109 Known Distance Appleseeds in Texas

In this episode Tim C of Texas joins us to discuss the 2018 Appleseed schedule and specifically all the known distance (KD) shoots that they will put on next year. We get into what a KD is, what to expect, and how to prepare for one.

Check out the schedule and see if you can get to one. (Just click on Texas or even look at your state or the states around you.)


MRR#107 Matador Arms

This week Nolan Scott of Matador Arms joins us for a really good run down of their product line, from their SKS Chassis System  to The Stinger. Speaking of the Stinger, they’ve graciously given us one of the 5.56 versions that we will give away to one lucky listener at the Modern Rifleman Radio Facebook Page. Watch for the giveaway post there!

MRR#105 Ryan has a new job!!

Longtime friend, guest, and contributor to the show Ryan Steacy has had a bit of a career change and we’ve brought him on the show to talk about it. Very exciting news for both Canadian and American listeners.

Checkout the following links we talk about in the show.

MRR Episode #103 Pistol Caliber Carbines

In this episode Ken and Bryan are joined by Grant Cunningham and Jim Downey to discuss Pistol Caliber Carbines, their virtues and shortcomings, uses, and ballistics. It’s a great episode, we hope you enjoy it!!

Check out the following links for Grant and Jim!

Grant Cunningham . com

The Pistol Caliber Carbine: the gun tactical hobbyists love to hate

To PC or Not To PC, that Is the Question: A Look at Pistol Caliber Carbines


MRR#102 The Canadian Podcasters’ Charity Shoot Pregame show!

Tonight Ken, Jay, and Bryan are joined by the MC of this years Charity Shoot, Andrew Vincent. We talk about what’s going to be going on this year with the Shoot.

Checkout the following links for the shoot (and the shirt provider)  and Andrew’s business and podcast: