MRR Episode 99.9 NRA Show and Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership.

This week Ken interviews Tim C and Dr. John Edeen about the recent NRA show in Atlanta and gets a lot of info about Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership .

Mentioned specifically in this how:

DRGO Releases Position Paper Supporting Access to Firearms Suppressors

Episode 99 Premier Shooting Centre

This week Bryan, Ken, and Kevin interview Derek of about this new exciting range in the works.

We of course also discuss what’s been going on with us including International Appleseed Shoots, Retro Ar-15’s, and Bryan’s new laser dry fire gadgets.

We hope you enjoy!!

MRR Episode 98 – Being Left wing-ed in a Right-winged shooting world.

Bryan goes solo host as the rest of the guys take the night off, and brings on Robert Wyatt of PARAcast and Brian Scheetz of Valkyrie Defence Group to talk about the challenges, disadvantages and advantages being a left handed shooter in a right handed gun community.
Massad Ayoob Stress Fire Reload for revolvers Video – Mas does a much better job on video than the guys do on audio only.

Episode #97 Karl Kasarda of InRange TV is back!!

Karl Kasarda of InRange TV is back!! Ken and Bryan have an awesome conversation with Karl about a really wide range of topics including what’s recently happened with YouTube and what it means for In Range TV, trust us, you’ll like it. We also get into talking about fitness and even some rifle talk. It’s a packed episode. We hope you enjoy.

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