Episode 4 What is a Modern Rifle? What isn’t?

Listen in as Ken and Bryan discuss just how far back to go (as far as the show goes) as to what to include or not include in what could be covered by the show.

We mostly talk about World War II era rifles, but get off on some wild tangents.

Lastly we cover some feedback on the VZ-58.

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One thought on “Episode 4 What is a Modern Rifle? What isn’t?

  1. Just listened to this episode (heard of this podcast through Slamfire, and I’m getting caught up)

    I think the thing I found weird about your grouping of Modern Sporting Rifle was the requirement to be of military lineage. The term was coined to combat others making our terms for us, like Assault Rifle, and Assault Weapon. Assault rifle is a technical term for a style of rifle that pretty much none of us have, and Assault Weapon assumes the rifle is used for harm. “Modern Sporting Rifle” connotates correct use, and we should be using it thoroughly for our modern, usable, adaptive firearms. To leverage the term effectively where we need it most, we shouldn’t be including M1A’s, Garands, and M1 carbines and excluding ACR’s, XCR’s, SU-16’s, Kriss Vector’s and the like due to military lineage. Within “Modern Sporting Rifle”, there should be room to have short/mid/long range versions as well, and so we can include both pistol calibre MSR’s as well as intermediate calibre and higher power. Would something like a Nemo Arms Omen in 300 win mag be considered an MSR?

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