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Ken Kowalski

Ken Kowalski:

I grew up in Colorado and called it home most of my life. I say most because I have moved around the Western US a bit, but always return back to Colorado. I didn’t learn the joys of gun ownership under well into adulthood. I started off by collecting Kalashnikov rifles. I did bring them to the range and enjoy them but I never really learned to “run” them or become much of a marksman. At some point I decided to buy the “other black rifle”, the AR-15. It wasn’t until I attended an Appleseed Project shoot outside of Raton, New Mexico that I really learned to be a rifleman. That was backed up by a week long Appleseed shoot in Colorado sometime later where I honed those skills.

Shortly after that shoot I shipped off to Basic Training to become a US Army Medic. The reasons I chose to join military service were many, but my love of both firearms and practicing medicine certainly made the choice a logical one. That experience brought with it a wide range of experiences in shooting many military service weapons. Always being a bit of a techy sort of guy has led me to learn as much as I can (a lifetime process) about firearms and their use. While I would never call myself a subject matter expert on the subject of service rifles, I can tell you it is a true passion of mine.

Now living back in Colorado I am a full time student in the Trinidad State Gunsmithing Program which I enjoy immensely. I look forward to sharing aspects of this program on the show, when and where applicable.

Bryan BolivarBryan Bolivar:

Born, raised and educated in Nova Scotia, I grew up in an anti-gun household. I didn’t get to handle a real firearm until my mid twenties when introduced to shotguns and duck hunting by my soon to be father-in-law. I’d always had an interest in military history, especially WWII so got into rifles on my own, spending many years collecting, hand loading for and shooting military surplus arms as well as rifles for varmint and large game hunting. Eventually I became aware of our provincial rifle association (Ontario Rifle Association) and joined after attending a military surplus rifle shoot where I found out that yes, I can hit a man sized target at 300 yards and it’s really not that hard. 300 yards really is “short” range when shooting a centre fire rifle.

From there I dabbled in various rifle shooting disciplines including Target Rifle (iron sights and slings), F-Class (precision bolt actions with bi-pods and big scopes long range) and Precision Rifle (precision rifles shot from 200-800 yards/meters). Finally I decided to try the Service Conditions Program with the ORA, bought my first AR-15 and have been hooked on shooting modern rifles in competition ever since. In 2013 I attended my first National Service Conditions Championship and surprised myself with a top 10 finish.

Since becoming so focused on competition, my firearms collection has been trimmed back to those rifles that I use in competition and the little bit of hunting that I do. I try to keep my rifles lean and mean and I am skeptical about new whiz-bang gadgets or gear. You will not likely find the latest and greatest stock, grip, handguard, or shoulder-thing-that-goes-up on my rifles. I now invest my time and money in reloading components/equipment, training clinics, match fees and instructional material on the mental side of shooting. The biggest asset and limitation to my shooting performance is the nut behind the trigger.


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  1. Can you do a show on piston AR15 ? I have 2 piston AR15 I have a stag model 8 SBR 11.5 and a Ruger SR556 I love my piston AR15 I love y’all show I built my stag model 8 . I’m building my wife one at time she loves to shoot after I get hers finsh I will be building a 5,45 AR15 I will be making them SBR I love building AR15 keep up the great work if you ever need help with your show email me I live in the Houston Texas area

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