Modern Rifleman Challenge


It’s time to throw down the gauntlet! It’s time to put our shots on target! It’s time to seperate the cooks from the rifleman!

It’s time for Modern Rifleman Radio’s Rifleman Challenge!

To put things simply this challenge is a rimfire only known distance Appleseed Project type course of fire. Why rimfire? Not too many people have access to a 400 or 500 yard/meter range, by keeping this challenge down to 100 yards/meters we open it up to just about anyone. Rimfire keeps it cheaper and makes it challenging. You won’t get by on this one by zeroing your rifle and just blasting away.

To help you out a little with the sight changes needed for this challenge we ran the numbers for 40gn CCI Minimags through the Strelok ballistic calculator for Android. Remember that these numbers are approximations, environmental conditions and your particular rifle will change these numbers slightly so we suggest testing the numbers on real targets at the given ranges. That way, you’ll figure out the dope for your own rifle. Also, these calculations make no adjustment for wind. This is just a starting point to work from:

2014-12-23 12.42.17






Steps for the challenge:

1. Download this target : AQT

Appleseed Target 300










Right Click or Control+Click on the target and Save As.


2. You’ll be using this target at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards/meters and you’ll need 10 copies/targets to be able to shoot the challenge once. So print accordingly to your needs.

3. The course of fire is as follows:

Stage One– One target at 25 yards, 10 shots in 2 minutes from the standing position.

Stage Two– Two Targets at 50 yards, 5 shots per target and you MUST use two magazines and split the 10 rounds between the two mags (We really don’t care how you split the round into the two mags as long as there are rounds in both mags and you do your mag change mid course of fire.) Shots must be taken from the sitting or squatting position. You have 55 seconds to shoot stage twoand must begin from the standing position (then sit down).

Stage Three– Three targets placed at 75 yards, 3 shots per target plus one last shot into the last target. As in stage two you must use two magazines and switch magazines mid course of fire. Shots are made from the prone position after starting the stage from the standing position. You have 65 seconds to shoot stage three.

Stage Four-Four targets placed at 100 yards, Number of shots per target: 2,2,3,3, as with stage two and three you must perform a mag change during the course of fire. Shots are taken from the prone position and the stage starts in the prone position. You have 5 minutes to shoot stage four.

The above video should give you a good idea how to shoot this challenge if you have not been to an Appleseed Project shoot. The only real difference is the distance to our targets.

4. Score your target. I hope this is pretty self explanitory, a shot in the 3 ring is worth 3 points as the 4 ring is 4 points. Shots in the V’s will be counted as 5 points and only matter if we get two people with the same score. 30 caliber rule applies, if you break a ring (shot on border of two different rings) you get the points from the inner ring. Shots from stage 4 are worth double points (make em count!).

210 and above = Rifleman

170-209= Sharpshooter

125-169= Marksman

Below 125= Unqualified

5. Take pics of or scan your targets and email them to Ken or Bryan @modernriflemanradio, or share them to the show’s Facebook page.

6. Enjoy your bragging rights, you rock!

Obviously being a internet/postal type match we rely on your honesty.

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