One thought on “MRR#13 Accufire Systems and Part 1 of The Rifleman’s Rifle

  1. I really enjoy the SIRT pistol and AR bolt. I sold a spare pistol and invested the money in this system. I use it as a cross-fit/shot-fit to motivate me to exercise. Get the heart rate up with some cardio, squats, elliptical, etc while performing a variety of rifle and pistol manipulations.

    One tip I wanted to pass on is to take a reflective mailbox number (the “blank” numberless number works well) and stick it to the inside bottom of an electrical box (the plastic box behind your plug in). You can then mount the box on something in the back yard and have instant confirmation of your laser hits. Hopefully without everyone else seeing it as easily.

    Using reflective material you can supposedly see hits out to a couple hundred meters in the daylight–I can confirm that it works to at least 100 meters. Maybe I can sneak on into my neighbors back yard to test something longer 🙂

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